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Hon. Piper D. Griffin, Judge
Division "I" - Section 14

421 Loyola Avenue, Room 405
New Orleans, LA  70112
Phone:  (504) 407-0280
FAX:  (504) 558-0950



Minute Clerk:  Tawanda Coleman
Law Clerk:  Michael Harrison
Crier:  Sharon Carter Sheridan

Court Reporter:  Shannon Deruise


          Monday through Friday
             9:00 AM to 4:00 PM



Rules are generally scheduled for 9:00 AM - call the Division for dates.
Trials are scheduled for 9:00 AM Monday - Wednesday.


A motion to set for trial may be filed by either party after all issues have been joined and preliminary matters have been disposed of. Motions to set for trial must state the length of time the trial is expected to last, and whether it is a bench or a jury trial.

Once the motion is received, a conference will be set at which time cut-off dates, deadlines and a trial date will be scheduled. Conferences are generally held by telephone and the mover is responsible for initiating the call.

For jury trials, the parties shall submit joint jury instructions and joint jury interrogatories (via hard copy and e-mail) to the court seven (7) working days prior to trial.

For bench trials, all parties are required to submit a Quantum Study 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) in advance of the trial date. Parties shall also submit proposed judgments and proposed findings of fact 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) in advance of the trial date.

Plaintiffs shall submit a list of special damages one week prior to trial.


Settlement and Status Conferences to meet with the judge may be set by filing the appropriate pleading.


All motions to continue must indicate if all parties have been notified and if there is any opposition to the continuance.

All opposition memos must be filed at least 8 working days prior to the hearing, pursuant to the "Rules for Louisiana District Courts". A copy must also be delivered to the law clerk on the same day it is filed.

Motions to withdraw must contain the last known address of the client, an assertion that the client has been informed of the intent to withdraw and any pending dates. Please refer to the "New Uniform District Court Rules 9.13."

All motions to Compel must have a Rule 10.1 Certificate attached. A rule date will not be set if there is no certificate.

Motions for Summary Judgment must follow La C.C.P art. 966. They must be filed and served 65 days prior to trial and disposed of at least 20 days prior to the trial date. Oppositions must be file 15 working days prior to the hearing as well as a copy delivered to the law clerk.

When a party files an exception or motion, that party shall concurrently furnish the trial judge and serve on all other parties a supporting memorandum

No Live Testimony On Hearing Dates Unless Previously Approved By The Division.


Judgments are to be submitted within 10 days of the hearing. The person preparing the judgment should present a copy to the opposing party at least 5 days prior to submission to the Judge and attach a Rule 9.5 certificate.

Consent Judgments are to be submitted within 14 days of the hearing.

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